Infrared Therapy

Far-Infrared Therapy is used as a means for healing, rejuvenating, detoxing, pain management, stress-management and overall wellness. 

We are all a form of infrared heat.  This is the heat our body gives off which can be seen with night vision goggles.  Here we are using that same heat therapeutically.  Infrared heats the body from the inside out, vs. dry and steam saunas which heat from the outside. Infrared penetrates 3-5 inches into the body to naturally detox, heal and re-balance the body at the cellular level.  Our health begins at the cellular level.

With the Amethyst Infrared BioMat, you are not only getting the benefits of the Infrared heat penetrating into the body, but the BioMat also gives off negative Ions, which help to realign and heal the body at an even deeper cellular level.  Negative Ions are in great concentrations around ocean air and waterfalls... places we as humans gravitate to, and naturally feel better when in the presence of nature. Laying one the BioMat is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating, helps combat the negative effects of stress, gets the Lymphatic system moving, supports the body in it's natural detox process, helps with pain management and speeds up the healing process and recovery time of injuries.

1 session $35.  (A package of 5, $30/session)

Call 443-250-9335 for questions or to schedule an appointment. 

Average time on the BioMat is 45min. Session and length of time can also be tailored for specific health conditions that require gradual increases in time, and pricing is modified in these therapeutic situations.

Kendell Reichhart
Kendell Reichhart
Holistic Health Counselor
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