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Part of my mission as a Holistic Counselor is to help guide people so they can make the best possible choices for themselves and their health.  There is a balance among us, not only the body and what we put into it, but the mind and the spirit.

The statement "you are what you eat" could not be any more true.  The state of our health proves this, as the quality of the food that is available to us rapidly declines. Food that are supposed to nourish us are being grown in mineral-depleted soil and sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, or they are being hybridized and genetically modified. Animals are being inhumanely treated on factory farms and pumped full of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics . . . and then fed to us! The chemicals, waste, and run-off from these farms pollute our environment externally and internally.  So the mind/body/spirit approach to food is a huge factor.  

We talk about everything in moderation.  Well there is no moderation when it comes to our foods, such as wheat for instance.  It is consumed on a daily basis, numerous time per day is a highly processed form. The numbers are down to 1 in 122 people have a wheat allergy.  Since this has been the root cause of all my health issues, it is a large part of my practice determining if people have a sensitivity to wheat.  Pay attention to how you feel after eating bread, pasta, crackers, cookies, sandwiches, etc.  When we eat the proper foods, we should feel great, not bloated, tired, sluggish, etc.  Digestive issue have become a large focus of mine!  (Please go to my Services page to read more about the testing that I do:)

Sugar and over the over-consumption of starches and processed foods has lead to some serious health conditions.  We know now, by removing highly process food, starches/carbs, and sugars, poor health conditions can be turned around, sometime quickly. We do this by focusing on a diet higher in plant based protein and healthy fats, with minimal animal protein when needed, and almost no carbs or sugars.  The is considered the "Ketgoenic Diet", however we have made it more alkaline and low in animal protein.  Alkalizing the diet by using more plant sources and reducing the sugars and carbs is having amazing result for weight, blood sugar and more sever health issues.

We can look at food from an energetic stand point, would you want to eat the energy of an animal that has been inhumanely treated, living in horrible unsanitary conditions and then put through the terror of slaughter.  This sets off major chemicals in the body of the animal and we do not want to consume that energy.  Some use energy healing as a modality to health. They seek out someone who is tuned into energy, knowing what we need, which energies to bring in and which energies to clear out.  This is a spiritual approaches to health and nutrition.

When it comes to the mind, the cleaner our diet the clearer our mind.  If the body is malnourished, so is the brain, causing upset therefore effecting the mind and the way we think.  We can also help the mind with meditation, or maybe yoga, which can help the mind and body therefore helping the spirit.  They are all tied together but when it comes down to it, you are what you eat.

Health situations did not get to where they are overnight, and can take some time to change. But given half a chance, the body will heal itself. We just need to help it out first through the proper nutritional elements, and my goal is to help accomplish health goals:)

Kendell Reichhart
Kendell Reichhart
Holistic Health Counselor
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