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Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute returns!

02/23/2015 07:00pm

Lecture w/Brian Clement PhD, LN from
Hippocrates Health Institute!

Monday, February 23rd, 2015 - 7:00 - 9:30 PM

I am so excited to announce that Brian Clement will be making a stop here in Baltimore again!

This is a unique opportunity to learn cutting edge information directly from one of the top leaders in the world of health and longevity. Bring your health questions and get answers directly from the expert!! If you know of anyone with health concerns, you do not want to miss this event!? Reserve your seat today and PLEASE FORWARD TO ANYONE YOU CARE ABOUT WITH HEATH CONCERNS, or who may want true health information:)

Brian Clement Ph.D., N.M.D., L.N.
?has been a leader in the international progressive health movement for almost 4 decades. He is the director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, the center which has facilitated a program and system which has helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide to heal themselves and halt the pre-mature aging process and dis-ease.

The topic Brian will be focusing on:

Regain Optimal Health:

we don't have to live with dis-ease

Understanding the nature of illness and disease

Conquering disease with living food

How to maintain and regain vibrant health

Brian Clement will discuss dealing with disease, cancer and other illnesses and how we can alter and eliminate pain, fibromyalgia, MS, headaches (migraines), forgetfulness, insomnia, irritability, fatigue, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease and much more. He will address how we can slow the aging process and increase vitality and sexuality.

After the lecture:

Q&A... get your health questions answered

Book signing

Date and Time:

Monday, February 23rd 7:00-9:30 pm


Oregon Ridge Park

13401 Beaver Dam Rd
Cockeysville, MD 21030


$25 (your Pal Pal receipt is your ticket...and we will have a list of those who have prepaid)

To pay by check, make payable to:

Natural Vibrant Health

107 Mt Carmel Rd

Suite 106

Parkton, MD 21120


From 02/23/2015 07:00pm
To 02/23/2015 09:30pm
Oregon Ridge Park
13401 Beaver Dam Rd
Cockeysville, MD 21030
Cost: $25

9 day spring cleanse

04/12/2015 05:00pm

Begin the spring with a new you! This is the time of year when we cleanse the heavy warming foods of the winter from the body and start introducing the light spring cleansing foods.  This helps eliminate build up in the colon and allows for a deeper detox and cleanse to allow the body to being to cool preparing to the heat of the summer. Join us, for this spring cleanse, why wouldn't you?!

We will be begin the cleanse with a fun "meet and greet" dinner at Zia's cafe in Towson on Sun April 12 @ 5pm
- Connect with other cleanser and like minded people. Find a buddy to pair up with during the cleanse for support
- Meet Kendell and Jennifer Helen and get your questions answered.
We will end the cleanse with a Happy Hour Tues April 21st 6:30 at Zia's new location in Belvedere Square...Plant Bar

During the cleanse week:
***One of the special options for this cleanse is we have partnered with Zia's Cafe. For your convenience you may order 3 day meal plans from Zia's and you don't have to worry about preparing your own foods.
They are also offering a special... 3 days raw, day days of Juice, then 3 days of raw... FUN!!
(See below for details)

Cleanse Schedule: (we have added in some fun group events)

Goals of the cleanse:

Once you have registered you will begin to receive your guidelines and recipes. You will be added to the email support group and start getting prepared for the New You in the New Year!

Cost for the cleanse is $225.
Registeration for this cleanse will be available soon!!!

Optional Food plan offered by Zia's                                                                                                                                 (you pay for this separately if you choose to have all your food prepared for you:)

9 day complete nutrition plan
3 Day Raw Food Plan
3 Day Juice Cleanse
3 Day Raw Food Plan
Receive a $15 gift card to Zia's with their order of the 9 day plan.

Total cost of guided cleanse plus 9days of food/Juice from Zia's = $500...for a whole new spring you.

Pay above for the guided cleanse and click here to goto Zia's to order your 9days of food/juice.

ColonHydrotherapy: we highly recommend considering colon-hydrotherapy before or during the cleanse to optimize your experience. Contact Andrea Pressas andrea@greenspringcolonhydrotherapy.com for more info or to schedule.

Yoga classes during a cleanse are extremely beneficial during a cleanse to help move the toxins out. Natural Vibrant Health offers Yoga on Tuesday mornings @ 9:15, or find a location near you.

Additional services available at a discounted rate: click here for info on these services
Infrared Sauna $20
Amethyst BioMat $20
Detox foot Bath $30
Foot bath on the BIoMat $45
Call Natural Vibrant Health at 410-240-4348 to schedule these services

Private Coaching Session with Kendell
(Pre and Post Blood analysis) $150. Click here for more info
Contact Kendell @ 410-240-4348 or kendellr74@gmail.com


From 04/12/2015 05:00pm
To 04/21/2015 08:00pm
Natural Vibrant Health Center
107 Mt. Carmel Road, Suite 106
Hereford, MD 21120
Cost: $225


06/05/2015 07:00pm

David Wolfe will be returning again!! This will be our 5th event!

Friday June 5th: Raw Dinner with David

The Inn at the Black Olive
803 South Caroline St
Baltimore, MD 21231
7:00 p.m -11 p.m

Don't miss this intimate evening with a Raw Vegan dinner and talk w/ David Wolfe. Dinner will be prepared by the The Inn at the Black Olive, the only eco-friendly sustainable hotel in Baltimore. You may even want to treat yourself to a room there to spend the night after the event and treat your self to a full organic evening. For more info on The Inn or to reserve a room (there are only 12 so they book quickly) goto http://www.innattheblackolive.com
Limited Seating for this event ~ 60 seats

Saturday June 6th: Event with David Wolfe
Summit Manor Banquet Hall
510 Monkton Rd (behind the fire hall)
Monkton, Md 21111
10:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
$65 in advance, $75 at the door

David Wolf is one of the most captivating and inspirational speakers. Whether you have heard him speak before, or whether this is your first time, you are going to walk away energized, inspired, motivated and so much more aware of a better way of life for your health. You will see health, and food as medicine, in a whole new light.

Come hear David speak on the medicinal benefits of herbs, plants, medicinal mushrooms, superfoods and much more. He will really be diving into this topic in a whole new light....litterly...

"The Benefits of the Colors in Our Foods"...those we can see, and those we CANNOT see.

...this color topic only leads David into many different directions throughout the day on topics of alternative health and healing...I heard him touch in it briefly when I heard him speak in New York in December, and it was fascinating! Don't miss the chance to hear and learn the most eye-opening information on when it comes to health and longevity! He has the information we all want!

Zia's cafe will be selling food/snacks at the event. You also have the option to pre-order a Raw Box Lunch.
Box Lunch $20: a fresh pressed juice (celery, cucumber, apple, kale, lemon), Mock "Tuna" salad, raw rye crackers and a raw choc ganache brownie. *RAW/VEGAN/GLUTEN FREE/CONTAINS NUTS - *sorry no special orders or customizations.

David Wolfe
If you are coming from out of town and looking for a hotel close to where the event will be on Saturday, Hunt Valley has numerous hotels. Click here for a list of nearby hotels.


From 06/05/2015 07:00pm
To 06/06/2015 07:00pm
June 5th "Inn at the BLack Olive" in B
June 6th "Summitt Manor"
Hereford, MD 21120
Cost: $0

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