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Tripping over the Truth Cancer Seminar

11/03/2017 01:00pm

"Tripping Over The Truth Seminar: Nourish Your body while starving cancer to death".  A Brett Reichhart Memorial Event.  November 3rd-5th, 2017

This three day event that was triggered by my brother, Brett Reichhart's, battle with Brain Cancer (you may read more about Brett's story below).  The purpose of this event is to bring forth information that everyone should have knowledge of... different approaches to treating cancer, some of which have been around for decades, with scientific research and documentation of their success.  And what does the science behind these treatments have in common...nutrition, because we are dealing with the metabolism of cancer cells.

Because of the need for more education and awareness of this approach, we have united science and nutrition together in one large conference. It is understanding the
importance of nutritional factors, metabolic factors, hormonal influences, and toxic chemical factors in the epigenetics of chronic diseases.
So we have brought 38 speakers (Doctors, Oncologists, Scientists, Researchers and Nutritionists) from all over the world to share their innovative therapies and protocols, research, experience and knowledge.  The goal is to inform and empower us, the people, to be able to make the best choices for our own health and loved ones, and to encourage a shift in the way cancer is treated.

There will be 2 auditoriums of speakers going on simultaneously.  Each speaker will have break out sessions in smaller rooms after their presentation.  Here attendees will be able to go to talk with the speaker in person for a more one on one interaction and ask their questions.

There will also be 4 Chefs demoing some of the different dietary protocols used successfully in treating cancer.
-Ken Blue- Raw Food Chef from Hippocrates Health Institute
-Beth Zupec-Kania -  Ketogenic Diet
-Bettina Zumdick- Macrobiotic Chef
-Christina Pirello- Cancer Survivor Chef who combines the approaches 

Approximtely 30 exhibitors/vendors will be lining the halls sharing knowledge.

Putting together this event has been a huge undertaking and would not have been possible without the hug efforts of my co-host, Dr. George Yu, who got an amazing response for our speaker line-up.  The Yu Foundation has put up the initial funds to make this event happen.

$495 for 3 days
$395 for 2 days
$295 for 1 day
You may enter the discount code CLIENT at registration to get $100 off the 3day pricing.

Example of a few speakers:
Tom Sefried: author of Cancer as A Metabolic Disease,
Dr Akbar Khan:  Medicore Cancer Centre, Toronto Canada.  DCA therapy  http://medicorcancer.com/
Dr. George Yu:  Hormones and Cancer totallyyu.com

Dominic D Agostino, PhD: Therapeutic Ketosis http://www.dominicdagostino.org/
Travis Christofferson: Author of Tripping Over The Truth: How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer is         Overturning one of Medicines most Entrenched Paradigms

Beth-Zupec Kania:  Ketogenic Specialist http://www.charliefoundation.org/
Alan Cash: Developer of CronAxal  http://cronaxal.com/ and  http://benagene.com/
Pete Pedersen: Hopkins Researcher

Ivelisse Page: BelieveBig.org on Mistletoe therapy

To name a few....

Click Here for more info and to register

Brett Reichhart's Story 
Many of you may have already read some of the articles I sent in the past about Brett's amazing battle again Brain Cancer and some of those article can be found here.  Brett's story began 16 years ago, at the age of 21, he was a Lacrosse team captain and Goalie for Randolph Macon College. That November 2001 Brett had a massive seizure and was diagnosed with a grade 3 Astrocytoma Brain Tumor and was given 18 months.  Brett underwent the traditional protocols of surgery, Chemo and Radiation.  After much research, we put him on a good diet of greens, salmon, whole foods and supplements such as medicinal mushroom, blue-green algae/spirulina/chlorella (to alkalize and nourish the body), etc.  Brett remained in remission for 14 years, until April 2015, Brett had a seizure at work.  He was then diagnosed with 2 stage 4 Glioblastoma's.  One was operable and the other was not.  Immediately we put him on a mostly plant based ketogenic diet and got him back on all the supplements he had done in the past.  Ironically enough, before any treatments, Brett's tumors had shrunk.  He underwent surgery to remove the one operable tumor, did radiation, and opted out of the last 4 of 6 Chemo treatments. We also began working closely with Dr. Yu as soon as Brett was diagnosed because I knew Brett needed to hear what I had to say from a real MD. Within a few months Brett was clear on all PET scans and Brett was in the best shape of his life...eating well, working out, and went back to work full time by that October 2015. 

However in Dec a spot showed up on his MRI, but his Oncologists said it was nothing to worry about, probably some radiation irritation in the brain, and that they would keep an eye on it.  George recommended a PET scan, but the oncologist said NO to the PET scan. A month later in Jan 2016, the spot was a bit bigger, and again the Oncologist blew it off as nothing to worry about and they'd keep an eye on it.  We asked again about a PET scan to confirm the spot, and the oncologist again said they didn't recommend it.  The bigger problem is that they must not have read the Radiology report for January saying the this MRI showed evidence of a recurrence of disease.  Brett also started having balance, vision and nausea issues by the end of January, so he was sent by his oncologist to ENT saying he probably had an inner ear infection...while all along there was a radiology report mentioning recurrence of disease.  And with his history, why they were not looking further into the"spot" is still a mystery to us today.  Then on Feb 18th 2015, Brett went in for another MRI and had 4 massive brain tumors.  Had we done a PET scan when the spot showed up in Dec, we would have been 10 weeks ahead of the game.

At this point is was a rat race to figure out what to do.  Options in the US were limited.  Dr Yu introduced us to many different practitioners with different protocols, and we decided on sending Brett to Toronto Canada to the Medicor Cancer Center (Dr.Kahn is one of our speakers).   In March Brett began their Protocol of DCA, DMSO, IV Vit C, with a combination of other supporting supplements.  DCA and DMSO(as far back as 1960's) were well studied for cancer, but never used since they couldn't be patented. Brett came home and continued the Medicor treatments.  He had some of the symptoms we were warned about, dizziness and hallucinations, but also told not go by the MRI since there will be a lot of cell die off and the MRI will not be accurate.  Brett did have an MRI scheduled not long after starting the DCA and the MRI was a mess. Since it is not possible to tell what is cancer and what is die off, we tried to do a PET scan this time, but Brett's veins were shot from all the IV treatments and the PET scan could not be done through his IV Port at that time. Brett still did not want Chemo.  They told him his Genetic testing had just come back and there was a new "drug" that was specific to his Gene mutation that had worked well on some other cancers.  So the fear factor kicked in due to the MRI and Brett opted for the drug.  It took weeks for insurance to approve it since it was so expensive, and Brett continued the Canada protocol. Brett also started on another new development by Alan Cash (another event speaker) called CronAxal, which is a combination of oxaloacetate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and was developed for Brain Cancers.  We ended up finding out that the "Drug" Cabozantinib we were getting was a form of Chemo. They were supposed to send in 20mg doses and it came in 100mg doses, but they told him they wanted him to do the 100mg dose anyway. 

Once on the Cabo, Brett did start to get better at a very quick rate, he went from having difficulty walking to going downstairs and working out again within 2 weeks. What was happening was that the Canada treatments and Cronaxal had weakened the cancer so that when the Cabo was introduced, it worked quickly. His next MRI in May showed a 70% reduction of his brain tumors. However the following week he started with a cough, it got progressively worse, so they put him on an anti-biotic to prevent Pneumonia.  What they didn't realize was that is was actually Thrush that he was getting from the Chemo, and the antibiotics probably made it worse. His mouth and throat were burning and a few days later he developed shingles in his face, head and mouth.  Brett ended up in the hospital for 9 days being treated for shingles which had spread.  While being treated for the shingles, his kidneys were compromised due to the shingles IV meds being administered incorrectly.

When he was first admitted to the hospital, another MRI showed and even greater reduction of his tumors.  But with his immune system being so compromised, and being too ill to do any treatments, by the time he was released from the hospital, his tumors had come back full force.  We tried to talk Brett in to starting the Canada treatments back up, but he did not want to continue and passed away 9 days later on June 17th 2016. 

Had we demanded a PET scan when the spot showed up on the MRI in December, and/or opted for the low dose chemo, the outcome for Brett could have been so much different.  There are practitioners out there who work with treatments to weaken the cancer such as the DCA or IPT (Insulin Potentiation- lowering blood sugar), then a low dose of chemo is given for short periods of time.  Many of these types of protocols will be discussed at this event.

Much was also learned by what Brett had the courage to do and we could not let his death end there.  He wanted people to know about what he was doing and spent time talking to other cancer victims about his diet and the innovative way he was approaching his cancer.  This event is our way for Brett to live on.  We love you Brett and miss you!  


From 11/03/2017 01:00pm
To 11/05/2017 06:00pm
Maritime Conference Center
692 Maritime Blvd
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090
Cost: $495

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